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Prestige Hair Extensions Aftercare

For any hair extensions brand that you choose, it is highly important that you follow the aftercare instructions specific to that brand. There is a huge variation in processing methods during production across the hair extensions industry. This means that each brand of extensions can have different characteristics and behave differently.


The following aftercare instructions have been developed from our knowledge and experience of hair extensions production, along with years of product testing in collaboration with highly skilled hair extensionists Jo Stacey and Tom Piper.

Aftercare for Clients

This Aftercare page supplements our full Terms and Conditions.


Washing, Drying, Brushing & Styling 


Prestige Hair Extensions can for the most part be washed, dried, straightened and curled in almost the same manner as your natural hair. Several chemicals found in some hair care products, in addition to any heat applied during styling, can damage your hair extensions over time (specific details of this can be found below). Correct aftercare will prolong the condition and lifespan of your new hair extensions.


Our hair will never matt or bunch up, exclusions and warnings provided below describe common issues that result from the bleaching process undertaken by high quality hair extensions. This process lightens naturally very dark hair to almost white with minimal damage. There is no other way to produce such light, high quality blondes. Whilst minimal damage to the hair occurs, the nature of this process means that extra care must be taken to maintain the delicate colour of the final product.

When Washing

  • If bonds have been fitted, advise the client not to wash their hair for 48 hours. This will allow the bonded attachment to settle in, the longer you are able to wait the better.

  • Advise clients to wait 48 hours before washing Tape Extensions to allow the longer-term adhesives to bond effectively. If washed before 48 hours has elapsed, they may fall out or not last as long.

  • Do not wash Hair Extensions every day. If required, please consider using dry shampoo or washing only the natural section of your hair.

  • Brush your hair before washing to minimise tangling.

  • It is recommended that clients wash their Hair Extensions in the shower, avoid washing in the bath or over a sink.

  • Gently apply shampoo in a downwards motion to reduce tangling.

  • Rinse away all traces of shampoo before using plenty of conditioner, taking care to avoid the roots and bonds.


When Drying


  • NEVER sleep (or tie hair in a bun) while Hair Extensions are wet, they WILL matt together.

  • Do not towel dry Hair Extensions with a scrubbing motion. Instead, blot and squeeze the hair in a towel to remove any excess moisture.

  • Do not leave hair extensions to dry naturally, the moisture can soften the bonds/tapes and cause them to fall out. It will also create “fluffing” of the Hair Extensions. 

  • Heat seals the hair cuticle creating a nice sleek look, so Hair Extensions are best blow dried then gently straightened as required (using a thermal heat protector designed for extensions).

  • Dry the Tapes / Keratin bonds / Rings after washing using a hair dryer. You should ensure that you use a cool / low setting as excessive heat can damage or denature the bonds and tape.

When Brushing


  • If not brushed, Hair Extensions will start to matt.

  • ALWAYS use a cushioned, bristled brush or Tangle Teaser available from all good hair and beauty shops to avoid snagging bonds or pulling to hard.

  • NEVER over brush the Hair Extensions when wet. Hair is more fragile when wet and more likely to snap. A wide tooth comb is recommended for use when wet.

  • Use a detangling spray if needed. If extensions tangle, do not pull them, carefully brush from the ends of the hair gradually moving upwards.

  • Brush Hair Extensions all the way from root to tip, as the sections above the bond/ micro ring will grow with the natural hair and need separating to avoid matting above the bonds.

  • Never backcomb the hair.

When Styling


  • When straightening or curling Hair Extensions, keep heat appliances away from the bond / attachment as they will melt if you get too close.


*Important Reminder*

Real Human Hair Extensions can be heat styled at any temperature that you would use on your own hair (see exception for light blondes below). They are not synthetic and will not melt, but high temperatures can cause colour fading in the same way that your own hair colour fades with heat.


*Exception for Light Blondes* 

All our hair extensions are made from naturally black to dark brown hair and due to the salts and catalysts used during bleaching to reach the lightest blonde colours, high styling temperatures can cause a burnt orange discolouration on blondes. This is extremely difficult to remove when caused by heat often requiring several bleach and toning treatments. To minimize the chance of this happening, temperatures below 160c should be used on blondes and heat protection products are to be considered essential.

Further Aftercare Advice 


  • Regularly separate the bonds. Hair that sheds naturally daily can become trapped in the bonds and cause them to matt together. Skipping this step results in large matted areas that are extremely difficult to brush out and can result in loss of hair.

  • Although human, extension hair no longer receives oils from your scalp and so needs revitalising with specialist products to ensure hair looks and feels silky. This should be done approximately once a week.

  • It is vital that you only use high quality products compatible with your brand of Hair Extensions. We recommend professional colour care ranges for best results.

  • When playing sports or going to bed, tie hair in a loose plait or scrunchy ponytail to avoid matting and minimise excessive brushing in the morning.

  • Do not pick at your bonds and always have them removed by a professional, failure to acknowledge this can risk snapping and losing your own hair.

Aftercare Products 


Your hair is built up of keratin and treated with its own system of natural oils called sebum. Sebum coats your natural hair, assisted by brushing. This natural process is disturbed by Hair Extensions, so a little extra help is needed.


  • To moisturise your Hair Extensions, a conditioning serum works best. Oils on their own form a barrier creating a silky look, but a good quality serum / oil blend will be absorbed into the hair itself.

  • Do not use hair oils near your roots or bonds, use a pea size amount on the ends of the Hair Extension only. Ensure the oil is properly washed out to prevent product build up.

  • Always use a heat protector that is compatible with Hair Extensions before styling.



Some brands of ARGAN OIL can cause discolouration of Blonde Hair Extensions. You should either avoid using Argan oil or watch for the appearance of orange tones in the hair, discontinuing use if this happens. Pure Argan oil is too heavy to be regularly applied to Hair Extensions, most high-quality brands use a blend of Argan oil and conditioners in their “Argan Oil” products. These can also contain large amounts of silicones and artificial colours which can cause the Hair Extensions to become dry and discoloured over time. 

Colouring Extensions 


Most Hair Extension shades will fade and need recolouring. Home Colouring of Prestige Hair Extensions is not recommended. Hair Extensions have already been through a lot of processing. This makes it difficult to lighten their colour. Extensions can be dyed to a darker shade successfully with some professional salon semi-permanent colour houses, this should only be done by a professional experienced at colouring extensions. Hair Extensions should never be bleached to a lighter shade, there is always a risk that this will damage them or not completely remove the colour, they can only be safely toned darker.

Swimming and Holidays


It’s important to keep your Prestige Hair Extensions tied up and out of the water when in a swimming pool or the sea. The salt and chlorine will severely dry out your extensions. Other chemicals present in swimming pools can react with lighter Hair Extensions changing their colour to pink, green or orange. Use a swimming cap if necessary and/or apply conditioner as a barrier.


If you do accidently get seawater or chlorine on your Hair Extensions, you should wash immediately and never allow pool or seawater to dry into your extensions. Hair Extensions are highly likely to matt when left and tied up wet like this.


Malibu C products available on our website can help remove discolouration but are not 100% effective, prevention is better than cure. Many customers take the Malibu C Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner set with them on holidays which includes 4 treatment sachets.


There are no refunds or exchanges for this kind of discolouration, the above advice only reduces the chance of occurrence.

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